Monday, June 3, 2013

Adidas Shoe Design Project

The steps I took to doing this project was first observing many different pre-made shoe designs but also observing how they were used in context and or different invents or situations. Let it be for a festival, party, or just purely for show and tell. I was quickly inspired to do the next step, which was brainstorming ideas for the shoe itself. I wanted to go with more of an artsy theme because I really like doing spirals and like making colors match in a way that makes it unique, even if whatever i'm designing turns out ugly. I then applied all my creativity to making a spiral fast-paced high-top shoe that would surley stand out! My last step was publishing my shoe design in a contest.

Logo Project

       This was one of my favorite projects in the overall session of the semester because it really got me close to my fellow peers at my art table. It gave us a lot of freedom and it tested me straight off about how much art I knew and what I was initially capable of, and it now shows me the improvements iv'e made upon leaving for summer break.
       Upon making this project, I started off by brainstorming ideas for different ideas of transforming text and adding simple drawings of things I liked. I made new "fonts" as a graphic design artist would and I found what best suited me (what I did best). I then put those ideas together and made a logo that represented me and also my past and hopefully future to come.

Acrylic Landscape Painting

I took many steps to try to create this great painting. It took time, effort, patience, and most of all motivation from my art instructor. First, I planned out my color scheme. Then, I used those colors to paint my sky 3/4 down my paper, I used composition and darks and lights to demonstrate the atmosphere at certain heights of my initial landscape. I then painted my background and the objects on it. Then of course I did my foreground  and painted the objects that lie on it. I finished by adding a light source to demonstrate shadows and lightened areas. For my painting I used a large brush to paint the sky and a small brush on the grass blades and trees. I used value in my painting to help overall enhance the view and perspective of lighting and depth in my landscape painting.

Ceramics Project

           The medium of my project was a clay. The size was 6 inches by 6 inches. The radial design element was stressed during the construction of my project, as you can see I used a spiral design radiating from a single point in the middle of the piece. My piece serves a function as a bowl for chips and other hard foods such as fruit, vegetables, and wrapped hard candy. I created the design for my project by simply taking wooden cylinders and pressing them up against the clay to make circles rotating out. I learned that there is many ways  to shape, form, and color clay to your own specific specification or liking. If I were given a chance to change my project, I would have made the base more durable.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pastel Still Life Project

       I planned my composition by first creating a thumbnail sketch. A thumbnail sketch is the process of planning out how your picture, drawing, painting is going to turn out by creating a picture of a picture without any details. I used my handy dandy sketch book to plan out my whole still life by making a small horizontal rectangle and sketched my simple objects just to see how things would look!
       I did this several times until I got to the layout that most interested me. The viewfinder helped me locate the best view and composition for my still life. It helped me by giving me a different perspective of all my objects.
       I made my objects appear three-dimensional by using contour lines and lots of depth and shading that would give even more perspective. To top off my picture, I made a unique light source to demonstrate shadows and other fun uses of shading.