Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mixed Media

Artists Communicate Through Their Work.
In this project, I was trying to convey the message "Be yourself". In the background, there are people struggling to find theirself while the man in the street is proud to be himself, even though he looks strange. 

Artists Take Risks
In this piece, I used 4 different medias. Magazine cutouts, colored pencils, printed cutouts, and water colors. All of these I rarely used beforehand. I enjoyed using all of them and am glad that all of it went together. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sticky Situation

Artists Take Risks
During this project, I used acrylic paint which was a new medium for me. I tried my best, and used light strokes until the entirety of the page was covered. It didn't go as well as I imagined, but I thought it turned out okay for my first time.

Artists Solve Problems
I had difficulty using the paint with a larger brush, so I used different sizes to get into different places. I also had trouble using the paint at first, but extended practice and slow paced work ended up proving reliable. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up Close and Personal

This unit, I decided to make a close up on a Ferris wheel. I figure it would've been interesting, because when you're at a fair,
It's usually the first thing you see. But,
It's always so far away.
I used colored pencils, which I haven't been familiar with. I focused mostly on blending and using bright colors to add value. 

Artists Solve Problems 
I hadn't used colore pencils to belnd before this project, so it was all so new to me. I made a few fatal errors in my thumbnail sketch that took away from it's realness, so I just kept drawing on scrap until I got it right. 

Artists Reflect
I kept looking back, seeing what would make my artwork better and fixing little errors. I started light and added darker shades as I went.

Artists Take Risks
I strayed away from the usual use of colored pencils, because without blending there wouldn't be value. I used scrap paper to test instead of jumping in. In the end, I made my final different than anything I've done for the sake of it looking good. I experimented during this time, but it was totally worth it as I didn't mess anything up. 

Final Product 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can, Candy, Lollipop

With the lolli, I got to practice blending with colored pencil. It was very easy once I gained more pencil control.

With the can, pastels were the material I used. They were very fun and easy to make contours with. Blending, however was very time consuming.

The other candy was a little challenging, because I had to make the transparent wrapper on top. I did the entire thing with chalk and it all blended nicely again. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My piece was an idea that came to me first when I started thinking about the base of science. I decided to use something we need as humans, and something we want and making it bigger to show the greater feeling differences. We care more about technology even though there are more important things. I ended up showing that both are soiled on the end. Interperate that as you may. 

I decided to use pencil to show value and contrast. I, at first, made the outlines of everything along with minor details, adding few changes as I went. I started adding value and contrast within the screen and on the table. A problem I had with this was me trying to make values that looked all too much the same. I fixed this by erasing and redoing the values. In the end, I learned more about pencil control and how to make value using just simple, small, controlled pencil strokes. I'm happy with the way the value in the screen turned out. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Adidas Shoe Design Project

The steps I took to doing this project was first observing many different pre-made shoe designs but also observing how they were used in context and or different invents or situations. Let it be for a festival, party, or just purely for show and tell. I was quickly inspired to do the next step, which was brainstorming ideas for the shoe itself. I wanted to go with more of an artsy theme because I really like doing spirals and like making colors match in a way that makes it unique, even if whatever i'm designing turns out ugly. I then applied all my creativity to making a spiral fast-paced high-top shoe that would surley stand out! My last step was publishing my shoe design in a contest.

Logo Project

       This was one of my favorite projects in the overall session of the semester because it really got me close to my fellow peers at my art table. It gave us a lot of freedom and it tested me straight off about how much art I knew and what I was initially capable of, and it now shows me the improvements iv'e made upon leaving for summer break.
       Upon making this project, I started off by brainstorming ideas for different ideas of transforming text and adding simple drawings of things I liked. I made new "fonts" as a graphic design artist would and I found what best suited me (what I did best). I then put those ideas together and made a logo that represented me and also my past and hopefully future to come.