Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up Close and Personal

This unit, I decided to make a close up on a Ferris wheel. I figure it would've been interesting, because when you're at a fair,
It's usually the first thing you see. But,
It's always so far away.
I used colored pencils, which I haven't been familiar with. I focused mostly on blending and using bright colors to add value. 

Artists Solve Problems 
I hadn't used colore pencils to belnd before this project, so it was all so new to me. I made a few fatal errors in my thumbnail sketch that took away from it's realness, so I just kept drawing on scrap until I got it right. 

Artists Reflect
I kept looking back, seeing what would make my artwork better and fixing little errors. I started light and added darker shades as I went.

Artists Take Risks
I strayed away from the usual use of colored pencils, because without blending there wouldn't be value. I used scrap paper to test instead of jumping in. In the end, I made my final different than anything I've done for the sake of it looking good. I experimented during this time, but it was totally worth it as I didn't mess anything up. 

Final Product 

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