Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My piece was an idea that came to me first when I started thinking about the base of science. I decided to use something we need as humans, and something we want and making it bigger to show the greater feeling differences. We care more about technology even though there are more important things. I ended up showing that both are soiled on the end. Interperate that as you may. 

I decided to use pencil to show value and contrast. I, at first, made the outlines of everything along with minor details, adding few changes as I went. I started adding value and contrast within the screen and on the table. A problem I had with this was me trying to make values that looked all too much the same. I fixed this by erasing and redoing the values. In the end, I learned more about pencil control and how to make value using just simple, small, controlled pencil strokes. I'm happy with the way the value in the screen turned out. 

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